Volume issues on JVC FS-Y1 I recently decided to try different speaker on my FS-Y1. They were rated within the recommended wattage specs, though they were 6 ohm speakers instead of being 4 ohm - like the speakers that came with the unit). I've decided to go back to the original speakers and it seems to me the volume is way lower - 20 used to be plenty loud, now 30 is lower than what I remember 20 to be. Did I do something by connecting these speakers? FYI, I also tried "daisy chaining" the new speakers with the old, effectively driving both. If it means anything, I'm also running a powered sub with it - no changes were made there. Thanks!

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As far as the speakers are concerned 6 ohm speakers should not have damaged the unit, unless some of the connections wires short circuited. But I think that would have blown the channel not reduced the volume. If you had connected 4 ohm speakers to a 6 ohm amp that would have been a different matter entirely.
The only thing that I can think off that would do this is some kind of circuit that detects the ohm level and adjust it when you put different ohm speakers on. 6 ohm speakers would off course be quieter than 4 ohm ones.
So if you have 6 ohm speakers still on then it will detect that and reduce the volume for them. But at the end of the day it connecting 4 ohm speakers back up should cause it to reset. It might take some time for this to happen!
If the device has a factory reset try that with the old speakers on it. That would reset it back to 4 ohms.
Otherwise get in touch with JVC to see if the unit does indeed have an adjustment ohm setting built in and see what they have to say.
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