2003 Grand Prix hesitation on acceleration Won't shift until I let up on the gas, shifts out of 1st at about 2200 to 2500 RPM and then from 2nd to 3rd at about 3500 RPM again once i let up on the gas. Extremely hot weather and just started with the problem 2 days ago. I'm afraid I'm going to get run over on the highway on my daily commute. It seems like the car is gasping for air or fuel. Was a bit better when I turned off the AC. ABS light comes on and off intermittently as well and that problem started about a week ago. Are these 2 separate issues or are they linked?

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The first thing you need to do is have the engine control computer tested for fault codes, if none are present check the fuel pressure and do a voltage output test on the Mass Airflow Meter. Most Autozone and O'reilly auto parts do this testing for free, ask for an OBD2 fault code test.
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