2010 Vespa, tried starting and runs while just 2010 Vespa, tried starting and runs while just idling. However, when you try to give a little gas it quickly dies. I did Tue best I could checking the air filter, fuel filter, spark plug, etc. Stuff I could get to, but the only weird thing I found were to hoses that do not seem to he going any where just open ended. One is clear and is not connected at either end, the other is thick black hose and is connected at one end (to what i don't know) and just hangs there not connected at the other end.

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The clear one connects to the battery vent connection and vents under the vehicle. The other two likely are overflow hoses coming from the carburetor to prevent engine flooding if the float valve is not sealing well causing gasoline level to get too high. They are open to the air.
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