Problem when fitting a performance spark plug 2009 Yamaha YZF-R125 spark plug fault !!!!!! Hi, i bought a spark plug off ebay some sort of performance plug,, i checked the plug to the original before placing it into the head of the engine they looked simular sooo i put the peformance plugg in the bike tried the eletric start and the bike was choking like it wanted to start but never did sooo i took peformance plug out made sure i had a spark it did so i replaced the plug with the original plug the bike fired upp straight away so i put peformance plug back in and still no joy so like a *** i decided to try and bump start,, no joy so i replaced with the original plug then the bike would not start !!! but since bumping it with a brand new standard plug it eventualey starts but does have serious issues with staying running and alot of bogging involved any help would be verry greatfull

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15 Mar, 2017

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Hi, Kyle let me set the record straight about spark plug "HYPE" it's all "SNAKE OIL" Your bike when new came with a specific spark plug designed to give you maximum performance for the type of riding the bike was intended for. In my 60 years of riding motorcycles, the factory OEM spark plug worked the best. But what about the Multi Pronged-Platinum Core-Golden Tipped-Lazer Cut-Logo Etched-with exclusive patent designed LED cooling fins made in Hermetically sealed laboratories-packaged in Water Proof-Ballistic Transparent Thermoplastic Acrylic Plexiglass and endorsed by NASA that sells for the outrageously low discounted price of only $25 a piece you ask? Excellent question, these plugs only work in the Millennium Falcon. Seriously the bottom line in all these fancy plug designs claims may be true but it would take a team of Nuclear Physicists using classified electronic instruments to prove it. Regular folks like you and me would never see any difference. The temptation to spend 10x the cost of an OEM spark plug is great thanks to the highly paid wall street ad agencies, but trust me, save your money and replace your spark plugs with the ones recommended in your owners manual, if there was a better spark plug out there don't you think all the motorcycle manufacturers would use it? I have wanted to write this for a long time now my work is done, go in peace for all is right with the world. For more information about your issue and valuable "FREE" downloads that you will need please click on the blue links below. Good luck and have a wonderful day.
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