Pass side tail light only one bulb lights when turn signal is on and only one brake light there is pwoer to the socket grounds look good the pass side park lights all work the turn signal only works on one bulb and the brake only works on the same bulb. i check power with a test light and i get the test light to blink on both wire to the bulbs. I have replaced the tail light harness from the trunk into the tail light. all bulbs are good.

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Voltage drop test the electrical circuit .

Mastering Voltage Drop Testing with Pete Meier and Jerry Truglia
Do you know what a wiring diagram is ? Do use a test light ,use a DMM - digital multi-meter . Free wiring diagram here Enter vehicle info. year , make , model . Under system click on lighting then under subsystem click on turn signal lamps . Then click the search button then the blue link . Scroll down to last diagram .
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