How to remove coolant tank on 1996 neon tank is on firewall

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03 Jul, 2012

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The tank itself IS easy to replace. Two nuts and its off. The hard part is getting your hands (and tools) on it to remove it.

You should remove the air box to give you some room to get it out. it will also give you more room to get your hands and tools on it.

If you have power steering (and you probably do), then the reservoir will be your biggest PITA to get around as it sits directly in front of the tank with about 1 inch of clearance. If you can get your tools on the nuts and still turn them, you will be golden.

If not, then you MAY want to consider removing the three bolts that hold the power steering fluid reservior on so that you can shift it out of the way, BUT, and this is a very big BUT, those three bolts are also EXTREMELY difficult to reach AND put back in, so I would strongly suggest that if you do that, be prepared for some major aggravation.
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