Renault Megane 1.6 will not start Car would not start this morningt, called AA, guy comes out to car, goes below bonnet and does something gets in and starts the car...of course he doesnt tell my wife what he thinks it was only that "Its an AA man secret" anyway she gets to her work all is ok, goes to start it tonight same fault? any ideas I used to be a mechanic but I am 500 miles away from her & the car and I dont want the poor girl getting ripped off. She is based near Luton area. Thanks for any advice.

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get the AA man (dolt ) back and have your friend watch what he does
not smart not to tell a customer what the fix is as it saves having to come back and do it again or show what has to be fixed to prevent a recurrence
probably just moved a loose battery terminal to make good contact again
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