Hotpoint HSM25GFTA SA DEFROST PROBLEM Isolated the problem with fridge and freeze not cooling. Have a defrost problem. Cleaned allot of dust from back and defrosted the ice buildup. How to correct defrost problem.

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you have a computer board in the back of the machine part number WR55X10942 everything runs through this board.look at this diagram,unplug the machine,remove everything out of the freezer and remove the back inside wall of the freezer,then remove the computer board cover,you'll see like a grey or bluesh looking connector with three pins,this is your defrost,the pin on the left is for the compressor,i unplug the connector,get two pieces of wire,stick them into the grey connector,one in middle and the other in the right side then with aligator clips clip them to the middle and right side post,plug it back in this way the compressor doesn't run,now check to see if the heater comes on,if it doesn't read out the heater with a meter,also if the heater doesn't come on common problem is a bad t-stat,you can cut the two wires going to the t-stat and connect them bypassing the t-stat,plug it back in if the heater comes on then you have a bad t-stat,if it doesn't then you have a bad computer board and change the more thing,there's a sensor on the top of the coil,it looks like a white bullet,if it has a black ring around it where the wires come out of it change it,the new sensor is all white,part number wr55x10025 and the t-stat is WR50X10068 go here to see parts
hope this helps,heater part number WR51X10055,if the heater looks all black inside the glass but reads good with meater change it out it's on it's way out if discolored
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