Should I be able to see water in the tub of my Kenmore 796.4027 washer? New washer model 796-4027. In my last front load Kenmore, you could see water in the bottom of the tub - at least a few inches of water. In my new machine - you can't see any water at all in hte bottom as the clothes rotate around. But they are all wet. They just aren't soaked like I'm used to seeing. Should I be able to see water in the bottom of the tub or not? The machine does make a little whining noise as it puts water in - and it seems to put it in in spurts. I have around 70 psi in my pipes - so I have very good flow. Also, there are no error codes showing.

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17 Apr, 2017

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different machine
the water spurts are operating as the drum rotates so that the clothes are evenly wet before the wash process begins
could be designed to use less water than previous models
make sure that the drain hose is at the correct level or all of the water will drain out
talk with a service agent and read the user manual for the operations and what can be expected
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