1996 Triumph Trident 900. acts like its out of gas, It started acting like it ran out of gas. I played with the petcock, then its fine for a while then after a short ride it does it again I move the petcock to another position and it runs for a while, then acts like it's out of gas. What direction do you turn the petcock knob to go from primary to reserve? or even on and off? I can't make out the graphics on the knob or the bike.There seem to be 3 positions pointing left, then a detente in the middle where it's pointing up, then pointed right.. If I could find a manual, it would save a lot of time.

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24 Apr, 2017

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Hi, Alan always check fuel flow first to isolate the problem area otherwise the usual suspects are:
1. Fuel tank empty.
2. Fuel cap or fuel tank not venting properly.
3. Fuel filter clogged with rust or dirt.
4. Fuel valve/petcock not in the on or reserve position.
5. Vacuum line to fuel valve cracked, broken, pinched, or missing
6. Fuel valve/petcock clogged or diaphragm cracked, cut or torn
7. Fuel line from the fuel valve to the carburetor or fuel pump clogged, cracked, pinched, bent, broken, or missing.
8. Fuel pump not working
9. Fuel line touching cylinder or head causing fuel to boil and vapor lock, repair by rerouting and wrapping line with convoluted tubing.
10. Carburetor inlet clogged.
11. Carburetor float or needle and seat stuck.
12. Carburetor not venting properly overflow line or bowl fitting clogged, pinched, or bent.
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