1996 Lexus ES300 Has Sprung a leak in the power steering My 1996 Lexus ES300 has sprung a leak in the power steering. I have heard that this is a common problem for this vehicle but it didn't say if it was usually hose related or pump related. I have a reliable mechanic but he cannot get to me for about a week. It just started to leak although I can't be positive it hasn't been leaking small amounts for awhile. I filled the reservoir and by the end of the day I heard the noise again. It has been high 90's for a few days and prior to the heat wave I haven't had to add any fluid. Am I looking at a new pump or could I be lucky enough to just need a hose?

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08 Apr, 2017

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My 2005 ES330 had to have new hoses last year. It was losing a little fluid and I was topping it up once a month when the power steering started making whining noises. Eventually, I was topping it up one a week, and I had used a full bottle of fluid, I bought another and booked it in for the next week. You just need hoses. Dealership charged me about $375, but I did get to borrow an LX350.

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