Kenmore Ultra Wash 665 dishwasher: start button not lighing Hi, My Kenmore Ultra wash portable dishwasher isn't working. Its getting power, the control pad lights up. I can select any cycle but the start button light doesn't come on and it won't start even if I push the start button. No lights are flashing, if I plug it in, the normal wash light is lit, the dry button is not lit (by default, its normally on when I plug in the washer). I have found instructions for resetting the control pad (apparently a fix for blinking lights) this did nothing. I checked the thermal fuse, also a common problem, it was fine but we replaced it anyway since my husband thought that was most likely the issue.. We are back to square 1 now, like I said, its getting power, no lights are flashing, I can select the cycle (heavy wash, pots n pans, etc) but the start button will not illuminate. If I hit the start button it does nothing. The cancel button works though. Thanks for your help. Sue

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It sounds like you have a bad control console, and the problem is that your START button (the most critical one!) is bad. You can't replace just that button or key; you have to replace the entire control console.
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