Gas guage falls and rises Just drove a 2003 Buick Regal off the lot. Noticed the gas guage showed empty but the went to full. When I pulled over to the side of the road at one point the lvel fell all the way to empty and the gas light came on. But when I started driving, it went back to full. Any clue what might cause this?

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02 Jul, 2012

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This problem is causes by a defective fuel level sending unit, The sending unit is located inside the gas tank and the gas tank must be removed from the car and the fuel pump module (contains level sensor) replaced to correct the problem. This job requires a hydraulic floor jack, safety stands to hold the car in the air safely and a very good set of common hand tools plus a special tool to remove the fuel lines from the tank. Time to complete is about 4 hours on the ground.
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