My dsi wont play games My dsi wont play games eveytime i put it in the game in the slot it wont pop up, so i cant play game. i went to a game store to see if he could fix it, he said that its either to old or somthing got in it and screwed up the reading chip. he said if you take the back off you might be able to fix it. idk what to fix! does any one know what to do?

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It is possibly either dirty or bent contacts in the cartridge slot. If the game slides in and out easily then the pins are possibly not bent.... if it does not the pins are bent and you will need the slot replaced or replace the unit.

You can use a Emery board (Yes nail file) push the board in and of of the cartridge slot. Make sure the motion is only in and out no side to side or you risk bending the pins.

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