What pins on the ECU wire harnes does the ECU use on a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport I brought my van in for repair when the steering wheel began to **** back and forth, i was told both front tires needed to be replaced (they had no tred left so this was no surprise) new tires were put on and the steering was back to normal but when i pulled in my driveway (1 mile from the shop) the van stalled and died, i restarted it and it ran rough but no lights came on, back at the shop i was told the MAP sensor went out, it was replaced along with a "bad wire fixed". the van drove fine for a day then had the same problem, stalling and running rough, back at the shop i was told now its the EGR solenoid, it was replaced (without the top vacuum line because it ran better that way said the shop). now two weeks later it is running rough again and starting to stall out. all three times my obd2 scanner has shown code p0403. notes: the EGR valve was not replaced for some reason (autozone says they are ordered/replaced together), there still is no vacuum line on the top of the solenoid to the valve, just the lower one (I installed one and it made the van act up the same way as when I first brought it to the shop so I removed it.) lastly i would like to check the wire that was "fixed" but don't know the pinout for how the MAP connects to the ECU.

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01 Jul, 2012

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The vacuum line on top of the EGR is required for propper vehicle operation. The vacuum line is what opens the valve when the solenoid is comanded on. As for the MAP sensor check the injector/MAP sensor harness right by the driver side corner of the rear head. The harness tends to melt and cause rough running conditions and misfires. So would the EGR which is a common issue and yes the the whole assembly should be replaced.
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