Communication error 2 means and requires what steps to correct? Get a reading on the control panel and remote linkk saying Communiction error 2. call 1-888-921-7665. No one there. Pool controls are not on.

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02 Dec, 2017

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See update below: Problem recurred.

I have a Hayward Goldline Aqua Logic Automation and Chlorination System. Back in February, I noticed that the indicator lights were either flashing or "all on" or "all off." The LCD screen still functioned, so at least I could still operate the controls and see on the screen whether I was activating the spa spillover, spa, pool, or pool heater. I could still set the timers, etc. So I lived with that for a while, since a new PS-8 control panel isn't cheap (about $400.)

A few days ago, I noticed the "Communication Err2" message and Hayward's toll-free number below it. None of the buttons responded or did anything. No beep. Nothing. I turned off the breaker, waited, and turned it back on. The pool system would reset, but then within a couple minutes, the "Communication Err2" message returned. After a few times doing that, the control panel stopped responding altogether.

Even though I couldn't use the control panel, the pool filter was still automatically turning on and off at the times I had set. That probably meant the circuit board was still good, but the control panel finally needed to be replaced. So I bit the bullet and ordered it. The new PS-8 panel arrived today and I swapped it out. Voila! Everything works now. (big sigh of relief.) No more error message.

12/21/2017 UPDATE: The new PS8 panel worked for about two days, then the Communication Error came back. At first intermittently, then after another day or so it was permanent; once again I couldn't use my pool controls. After a tech came to the house and said he'd have to call Hayward during business hours so they could "talk him through" a possible repair, I called a different Hayward-authorized service. That person told me to check and see if there were any remote connections plugged in; those can cause communication errors if they get shorted out. I removed the front panel of my unit and unplugged the connections for the Aquaconnect wireless antenna and for the side spa remote. The errors have disappeared once and for all. The next step will be to get a new antenna and wireless system that will work through the internet and through my cell phone.
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