Starter Fluid in a 2003 Audi????? Our mother's 2003 Audi A6 has been "sitting" for 2 years and today we tried to start it. We charged it up with jumper cables and added gas to the tank. The engine turns over but will not start. Is there any way to use starter fluid? And where should we spray it? We are not familiar with "under the hood" on an Audi. Thanks for ANY help!

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Not sure if there are carbs on car or if it is direct injection. If carbs spray into float chamber(s) if injction I think you will have to spray into cylinders via holes for spark plugs. Pleae note have never used starter fluid on direc t injection my self so I am really not sure if that will work. I assume that you have checked that fuel is getting to engine. Hope this helps.
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