1995 4runner misfire. I have a 1995 4runner. I put it down for about 1 year because of transmission issues.I changed the transmission recently and put it back on the road. Everything was great for the first two days. Then out of nowhere it just starts running horrible. No power, rough idle, 55 on the highway at 3500 rpm. That type of thing. I immediately thought it was a misfire. So i started the engine and pulled each plug wire from the distributor one by one listening for changes in idle. After first attempt I found the number 4 cylinder did not change. I went to Walmart and bought 6 new plugs and changed them all just because. When I restarted the vehicle, it was still running rough. So, I went for a second attempt at pulling the plug wires. After this time, number 4 & 3 were showing signs of a misfire with no idle change while the plug wire was removed. I put all the wires back on correctly and then removed the wire from the plugs of the misfiring cylinders and put them in a grounding situation to check for fire at least to the plug. Both were firing. The evening cut my troubleshooting short. So now that you are where I am at, my question. Is it possible that the brand new plugs (Bosch) that I bought could possibly be defective? Or, is it more likely that my injectors for those 2 cylinders have failed? The puzzling part is that the number 3 cylinder started misfiring after plugs were changed. The connection to the plugs is clean and good. Any suggestions??

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