1977 Honda GL 1000 overheating Overheating -Carb overhauled & balanced, new water pump, Thermostat, antifreeze, plugs, fan sensor & temperature sender working in conjunction with each other (sender unit gets over halfway fan comes on)New timing belts double checked timing belt line up marks. & engine timing marks (inside the hole) Still overheats. The previous owner had Dyna ignition system installed could it be incorrect setup? @

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Hi, Anonymous and the usual suspects are:
1. Engine oil level and SAE weight are too low or not circulating.
2. Insufficient or blocked airflow over the engine.
3. Heavy combustion chamber carbon deposits.
4. Ignition timing retarded due to a faulty MAP, CKP, or CMP sensor.
5. Carburetor jetted too lean.
6. Leaking intake or exhaust valve.
7. Clutch slipping, brakes dragging, heavy load, towing a trailer.
8. Idling too long without moving.
9. Constant hot weather temperatures, mountain, or desert riding conditions consider adding an oil cooler and or cylinder head cooler.
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