2008 ford focus horn I have a 2008 Ford Focus and the horn isn't working. I tested the horn with a multimeter and it's fine, so I'm thinking it's the relay, but I can't find where the relay is! Please help me

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30 Jun, 2012

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Well it depends on what you tested in the circuit most horns are vary simple they have a 12 volt wire hot and it goes through the horn to ground . If you put your muilty meter on OHMS and touch the red lead to the +side on the horn and the black lead to the ground side the meter should read 000 or vary low resistance if not go to the frame with the black lead if it reads 000 or differane from the last test then the horn is bad. Next test the power supply to the horn so put the meter on the 20 volt DC. scale unplug the wires from the horn and see if you have 12 volts or any voltage comeing to the horn you may have to turn the key to run depending on how its wires but if the blinkers work the horn should to . You likely have more then 1 horn so look around in there make sure of what your doing or the tests will be no good . If you have no power at this point check the fuse box for a burnt out fuse it won't be a big amp fuse mabey 10 amps and may not say horn. Im sorry i don't know exactly ware the relay is on a 2008 focus but it would be in whats called a relay center witch you likely would be able to find in the oweners manual in the glove box . But the horn is rarely used and most likely a connection problem they tend to be low on the vehicle and get wet along with road salts in the winter depending ware you live can get corroided . But if your going to test make sure the test is going to give you the information you need to correctly daigonis the problem Good luck
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