Filters utrfa16 wheredo i get them? I have a Fujitsu ductless air cinditioner and would like to buy the UTR-FA16 air filters . The manual seys to change them wvery 3 months We bought this house with it installed. The previoes owner could not ntell us who installed it with a room addition. I have tried various suppliers here in Birningham with no results HELP??

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01 Feb, 2016

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I noticed the bag that came with my filters showed "9317250009" on it. I then googled that part and found this:

AT the same time I noticed a bunch of the part number UTR-FA16 and UTR-FA16-2 these are hard to find but UTR-FA13 and UTR-FA13-2 seems much simpler (I am not sure which mine needs since the prior is what my manual says, but have found manuals to be incorrect on some occasions)

I email fujitsu for clarification. I'll keep this thread updated.
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