Thread 1 keeps snapping I'm just trying to overlock simple straight lines on two layers of cotton but every time I try thread 1 keeps snapping. I'm using 4 threads and I have tried adjusting the tension as well as re-threading it multiple times all in vain. I've run out of ideas on what to do, please help?

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03 Jan, 2018

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Breaking thread on a serger is usually an indication it is misthreaded. If it is a needle thread that is breaking, replace the needle.

Remove all the thread from the machine.
ALWAYS RAISE the presser foot and rethread each thread from the beginning--make sure they are threaded in the correct order (usually upper looper, lower looper, then needles but that can vary with machines).
Verify the thread path is correct for each.
Also, give each thread an extra little tug when threading through the tension disk to make sure it is seated completely.

Be sure to use new thread. Old, bargain bin thread is brittle and will break easily.

Much as I hate to admit, rethreading a serger will frequently resolve issues. I despise rethreading, but sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and do it.
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