Ice maker not making ice after electric buzzing/grinding noise Stopped making ice after making grinding noise. Water runs fine to the door dispenser. Have turned off & removed the inner panel that covers the condenser coils. The big tube to the upper left that looks like it's covered in modeling clay appears to have melted the claylike substance off of it. Have not plugged in yet to see if it was just a frozen water line. That tubelike part just looks wrong though. Can't seem to locate any schematics anywhere so that I know exactly what that part is called though. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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I have a feeling that the condenser has overheated due to lack of ventilation or overload... in which case it could be stuffed! same happened to mine and had that clay stuff melting as well... took it to an aircon mechanic and he had a look and said new parts would cost more than a new ice maker :( that suckt! lol! so bought new one....
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