My 2002 volvo s80 cluster will shut down with power windows/power lock,signals, after running a few minutes cluster of my 2002 volvo s80 shut down,also power windows,power lock,turn signals will not work,after shutting the car off and turn it back on it comes back on for a few seconds and off again,i think it might be a relay that controls all of these,its a nice car i really want to get rid of it,could any one who had the same problem and fix it help? please?

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02 Feb, 2018

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the 2002 s80 did have a problem with the cluster. I have one and I love the car. I went on ebay and found the correct cluster to fix the problem. If the displays are going off and on, replacement is the only fix. The 3 sets of numbers on your "new" cluster must be an EXACT match with the old clusters numbers. In other words, the cluster must be for a 2002 volvo. If the numbers match, it doesn't matter what model the donor cluster came from.
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