My 2001 Olds Bravada 2wd, non-heated seats has the manual for a 2000 model. The power seats don't work & I can't find a fuse any where. Help please. The seats used to work fine. There is no sound at all when I move any of the controls on either of the front seats. Neither of the the fuse schematics (left side of dash panel or under hood) show the word "seats" or "power seats" at all. As a matter of fact the schematic under the hood fuse box is different than the actual configuration. On the bottom right of the box are two large fuses (?). Approx. 3/4"x"1/2" in size - one on top of the other. The top one is marked 'LIFT GLASS' and the lower one, 'Fog LP (which the vehicle does not have as an option. Both fuses have the marking, "OMRON" and the number - 12088567. Directly to the bottom left of the large FOG LP fuse are two regular size 20A auto fuses - again, one atop the other. The top one is marked 'ING C' and the lower one 'HTDSEAT'. Another option the vehicle does not have. Directly to the right of those is another large fuse - one the schematic - named 'CHMSL', which is not in the under hood fuse box at all. The first five digits of the serial number are - 1GHDT. The drivers door panel shows: MFG. 12/00 Is there any information else I can supply you with?

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02 Mar, 2017

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There is no fuse for the power seat's , has a circuit breaker ! Does your olds have memory seat's or just plain power seats ? If it has memory seats it has an electronic control module that comes into play . Don't think going after the circuit breaker would do any good , they seldom go out . But you never know ! You will find the power seat circuit breaker located here Relay Block - Body
Left side of the dash, to the right of the I/P fuse block.

You should test for B+ voltage at the seat switches , If none work your way back to the power source .
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