Truck only blowing hot air, and getting very hot on dash my mercedes 308d 1996 box van only blows out hot air, even when blowers are off it still gets really hot on dashboard above and around the dials. The temp dila doesn't seem to be turning correctly so we're wondering if its stuck on hot???The blowers weren't working but this was a loose connection which my dad fixed. The temp gauge also doesn't work but we cant find anything relating to that. Any ideas? I'm leaving for Europe in 3 weeks!

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I have a 1994 c ckass w202 mine did this it blew hot air all the time realy anoying in the summer lol any way it was the controler that wss at fault the bit on your dash that regulates the temperature if not yhere is a mixture valve under the bonnet itvregulates how much water goes into the heater matrix
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