Stopping at red light the car starts to stutter as I accelerate Never had this problem I'm driving everything is fine then i slow down or stop and have to accelerate again and it starts to stutter. Ive read about MAP??? Can someone give me in detail how to clean it myself? or im just going to the mechanic :/ Also I don't know if it is MAP because my check engine light is not on, but when it has gone on before mechanic said it had something to do with admissions and said he reset it if i doesn't come back on don't worry about well now this is happening but it has been a couple months since then

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03 May, 2017

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Your confusing MAP with a MAF sensor . You can not clean a MAP sensor .
manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP sensor )
mass air flow sensor MAF you can clean .

admissions = emissions !
accelerate again and it starts to stutter. Try the TPS - throttle position sensor .
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