95 infiniti j30 engine jerking and rpms dropping while driving i noticed about a month ago that my engine would **** and the rpms would drop and i have ran injector cleaner thru my car and replaced the fuel filter and replaced plugs and wires i was taking off from a stop light and my car wouldnt rev over 2500 rpm so i pulled to the side of the road and put the gas pedal to the floor and still couldnt get it to rev over 3000 rpm then shortly after it killed and i couldnt get it started waited a bit and it turned over and died right away there is no check engine light i have tried having multiple people look at it and no one can tell me what it is HELP!

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Sounds like the computer is in limp home mode. I would run a exhaust flow check on the car if possible. The catalytic converter or muffler maybe getting plugged up and not allowing the fuel to be pulled into the cylinders. This based on you having fuel and fire to the engine and it sounds like you have that. Hope this helps.
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