Cbr 600 2000 turn off while driving i got a 2001 cbr 600 its starts as long as it idles she's fine i can get like 3 mile up the road than she stoal's , i want 1-2 minute put the choke on than she fires back up and im about good enough to go back home than she stoal's again wath could do that.. open for anything , i had a kinked fuel hose witch i fixed othn than thsay i tought its was low on oil added some tgill its perfect tchek fuel pump work , fuel pump regulator (electonik box) work , i'm kindda clueless now it shut's off like its running out of gaz ???? no clue its haunted

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22 Apr, 2017

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Have you checked your fuel cap vent to see if it's clogged. What you are describing is a classic symptom of a clogged fuel vent.

When it stalls out, pull over and open the gas cap and see if it starts up again, if so it's the vent.
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