Fuel pump fuse blows I was driving and when i went to turn from a stop sign the car sputters and dies. the issue is a blown fuel pump fuse. replaced it. again it happens. pump works engine will run all day in park at and rpm. let it sit a few days for a storm to pass and found a few damaged wires under the fuse box, no idea what they go to so i fixed them and kept looking. no other damaged wires... anywhere.. i even pulled my seats to check the wires in the car. took it for a drive. drove 30 miles round trip no issue. thinking it was fixed i put gas in the tank (about a half tank worth) and went home. as i turn into my place it did it again. change the fuse. and sputtered my way to my apt.. what could this be?

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29 Mar, 2017

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It's a short in the fuel pump circuit wiring. Were those damaged wires where the pump fuse is located? If so, that is where to start looking.
The circuit is not that difficult to follow. The pump wire runs from the fuse to the fuel pump relay (probably in the same location as the fuse). And from the relay the pump wire goes direct to the pump in the gas tank. Somewhere in that path, your wire is shorting out-touching metal or another wire with insulation stripped from it.
Techs use a multi-meter to help look for shorts. Checking a section of wire with an ohmmeter will tell you if the section is good or has a break. Good luck. Take another look at those damaged wires.
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