Will not connect to wireless network After trying the network setup both on auto settings and on manual, the TV finds the SSID, but after entering the WEP it fails to connect. I've read that it does not appear to the wireless network as a device and that the router may need to configured differently. Is that my problem, what router settings might need to be changed?

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30 Oct, 2017

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I suspect Mac Filtering is the problem
see page 37 and 38 of Cisco administration Guide on Mac Filtering.
page 37 and page 38

"Connection Control The Wireless > Connection Control page is used to exclude or allow only listed client stations to authenticate with the access point. Depending on how the WAP is configured, the WAP device may refer to a MAC filter list stored on an external RADlUS server, or may refer a MAC filter list stored locally on the WAP device. Enabling Local Connection Control To refer to a MAC filter list stored locally, follow these steps: "
see link above page 37 for the steps -
I Do not want to be accused of breaching Cisco Copy Right

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