Ford Focus Engine Light Comes on, the next day turns off again Last week my 1.6 Zetec Climate TIVCT 116bhp Petrol Focus engine light came on. After a day this went back off. Three days later the light came back on, took this to the garage and they said something to do with the Distributer Cap (Where the HT Leads attach). They reset the light and worked fine for a week but came back on yesterday, spoke to another garage and they said the same, but the light went back off this morning. Do i need to replace this distributer cap? When the light came on the first time I was idle in traffic of when the rev jumped all over the place as if you were about to stall the car. Pulling away was slow, but then the light went off and the car still as sportey as ever. The fuel consumption is high, around 35mpg on motorways @ 70mph. At 70mph The revs sit about 2,700rpm which isnt high to me, but my 1.3 KA got better mpg on the motorway 39.5mpg. Doing same route ive been doing for three years. Any help will be appreciatted. I dont want to spend £ on thing that dont need replacing as the garage want spark plugs, ht leads and coil pack. Many Thanks

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27 Jun, 2012

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When the service engine soon light (Also called the check engine light) is turned on this is to alert you to the fact that powertrain control module (computer) has detected a failure somewhere in the systems it controls, this can be the transmission or the engine or emission system, there are fault codes set in the modules memory for these faults. What needs to happen now is to have the powertrain control module scanned with a special tool called an OBD2 electronic engine control scanner or a OBD2 code reader. Once the code(s) are read then you must perform the diagnostics for each code and make the appropriate repairs based on the findings of the diagnosis that was performed, this is called doing "Pinpoint" testing.

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