Need to replace valve cover gasket on 01 pt cruiser how to replace valve cover gasket on 01 pt cruiser 2.0 end no tubo

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27 Jun, 2012

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Here is the procedure:
You need to remove:
Upper intake manifold and spark plugs
In addition to above and in order to remove the entire Upper Intake Manifold and have full access to the Valve Cover:
-Disconnected throttle support (2 nuts), disconnect throttle cables,
-Disconnected four (4) electrical connectors and four (4) hose connections.
-Removed Ignition Coil Pack four(4) bolts attached to top of valve cover
-Disconnected Spark Plug wires from Spark Plugs
-Disconnected Steering Fluid reservoir two (2) bolts and tied it to the side and out of the way.
-Removed nine (9) valve cover bolts and they stay in cover if yo don't pull them out
-Very carefully cleaned the flat, top surfaced with a one edged blade and a small chisel trying not to scratch the metal but remove the build up of oil residue.
-Meticulously cleaned the valve cover's outer perimeter and spark plug well channels of almost all the oil and crud I found there. This with a clean rag and small screw driver covered by the rag, folded 2 to 3 times.
-Cleaned all the threads of the cover bolts.
-RTV gasket sealer at the specified corners in the Service Manual.
-Replaced valve cover, torqued bolts to 105 in. lbs in three steps and in the correct sequence: 40 in.lbs, 80 in. lbs and 105 in.lbs.
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