The best Rec. levels Hi, I am in the process of recording a talk podcast, I need the recording to be as high as possible without distortion and ensuring that it sounds clear and loud enough. * Using Vista. * Using Audacity. Q. What are the recommended recording levels on the control panel (Sound). Q. What are the recommended recording levels on Audacity? Thanks a million!

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As with all recording levels it's best to keep them to a max of 0 VU on the level meter. Some say an odd peak into the red or above 0 VU is acceptable, but it should not go to high. Sett it on the loudest part of what you are going to record, then the rest of the time should be OK. Try some loud music first if it's all speech. That should set the right level for the speech. It is possible to increase the audio level on Audacity afterwards anyway.
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