Getting system to recognize Hitachi CinemaStar P7K500 The OS, Win 7 Pro, is located on another IDE drive. Attaching the Hitachi CinemaStar to the MoBo gaves the MoBo fitsand initially would not boot to the OS. I tried upgrading and finally completed a fresh install of Win 7 after many times to get the system to boot into Win7. Of course the OS is very unstable. It took five attempts to install the OS before it would boot. These drives were intended to be installed in DVRs. How do I get the system to recognize the drive in order to format it and make it a part of the computer? I have a hard drive feature tool but it is not one for the CinemaStar. The MoBo is an Asus M4A79XTD VIO. Since I disconnected the Hitachi drive, I still encounter many crashes of programs and frequent blue screens at sign in. Before I wipe the IDE drive out and do a fresh install, I want to get the Hitachi CinemaStar Sata drive functioning. I retired several years ago from the computer industry and actually have a supply of fifteen of these drives. I need to learn how to get them to function with the MoBO. I also have several WD5000AAJS WD Caviar SE drives which are also SATA drives made for DVRs. I get the same results from these drives also. Any help would be appreciated!

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03 Mar, 2017

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If you have OC that motherboard, roll it back. The drives that you are using are dinosaurs compared to the motherboard. Legacy issues exist.
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