Possible broken tub piece on Kenmore Elite 11042822203 Hello, I noticed some greyish plastic pieces in the dryer when removing some clothes. Upon first sight my initial thoughts was that my kids left crud in their pockets. When removing next load from the front loading washer I noticed more of the plastic. After I placed the wet clothes in the dryer I reloaded the washer with some towels to run a load. During the spin cycle I noticed the washer was really making a lot of noise, could hear it coming from the basement, something I usually do not notice. When I removed the towels I found more plastic and started to look around. I pulled back the bellows and found more plastic, all the same type. When looking at the plastic close to the SS drum it looks like a rim of plastic, possibly a bearing surface for the drum is completely worn and broken. My guess is that I need new Front Outer Tub for the Washer. Trying to find a repair guide so I can start the tear down and know for certain what needs to be replaced. If I don't start this soon I know my wife will just opt to replace the entire washer. Things are not cheap these days and I would rather save some cash buy trying to repair it first, if possible. Thanks for the help.

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03 Mar, 2017

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It is most likely a quide, could be the bearing has worn out and the drum is rubbing the guides.
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