1.4 lite 3 door enjien management light flashing thrust bearing when replaced clucth aned thrust bearing got car back enjein management light was on drove home and to work left work the afternoon stopped to food got in car stated but sound as if its starved of petrol will start but wount rev or idel checked all sensors but can find fault

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When the service engine soon light (Also called the check engine light) is turned on this is to alert you to the fact that powertrain control module (computer) has detected a failure somewhere in the systems it controls, this can be the transmission or the engine or emission system, there are fault codes set in the modules memory for these faults. What needs to happen now is to have the powertrain control module scanned with a special tool called an OBD2 electronic engine control scanner or a OBD2 code reader. Once the code(s) are read then you must perform the diagnostics for each code and make the appropriate repairs based on the findings of the diagnosis that was performed, this is called doing "Pinpoint" testing.

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