My check engine and battery light came on in my 96 eclispe. In the morning , i would have to constantly re-crank ant press on the gas to keep it running. I was downshifting to 2nd gear one morning and Check engine and battery light was on for a couple of days. In the morning I would have to re-crank and press the gas to keep it running, because it would constantly cut off. One morning I was downshifting to 2nd gear and the car cut-off while I was driving. The crank sensor has been replaced, but it still wont start. A mechanic suggested it may be the computer. What are your suggestions?

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26 Jun, 2012

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check 4 spark at the plugs. Its possible that ur coils were going out and finally just quit. Chk everything b4 messin with ur computer those things can get expensive. hope this helps.
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