Suzuki grand vitara 2ltr td 2002 Lacking acceleration Lack of accelaration, engine management light on, computer says throttle cable sensor? Had throttle cable replaced. Ocassionally the revs can rise even when the engine is just running but the common fault is it just had little exceleration and often goes faster when you lift your foot up off of the pedal! Confused!

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lots of odd things can happen in fuel injected cars sometimes the reverse of what you may expect. typically a malfunctioning O2 sensor can affect adjustments to TIMING thus for same accelerator position engine revs can rise/fall or become unstable just because O2 sensor is duff. if O2 bad poor acceleration/easy stall is definitely likely due to fluctuation in timing. can also cause pinking. best to check OBD codes if you can. some do not cause engine light to show and if intermittent, are cleared if you disconnect battery. check air filter and replace. if its diesel though you must suspect fuel pressure too.
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