2007 Honda CRF 250 R front wheel removal what tools are needed to remove a front wheel as well as a rear wheel? @ specifically what size sockets/wrenches?

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29 Nov, 2017

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Hi, Carreraracin if you are going to work on your bike from minor maintenance to major surgery you're going to need tools and information on how to use them. A basic tool kit will set you back a bare minimum of $100 depending on how frugal and clever you can be, other factors like the year-make-model of your bike, your location and the amount of "DRACHMA" you are willing to part with, may drive the price higher. These are the tools you will need, # 1-3 are the mandatory first and best tools you will buy otherwise the rest are useless:
1. Service or repair manual, you would not go to a place of worship without taking your Bible, Quran, Torah, Vedas etc. you would not work on your bike without a having a service or repair manual. You can go online and Google free service manual to download for the year-make-model of your bike or try "manualslib.com" a free website or try "Tradebit.com" most manuals cost $15.
2. Parts manual or microfiche I use "partsfish.com" it has free listings of the top 4 Japanese bikes, including the year-make-model, picture of the part, the part number and the price.
3. Owner's or User manual will have maintenance schedules, troubleshooting, and information not found in the service manual. These are also free if you know where to look.
I recommend you folks that live in the U.S.A. to purchase all tools at you local "Harbor Freight" they have the cheapest prices. For the rest of the world, you can order online from "harborfreight.com" American Motorcycles will use SAE measurements on tools the rest of the world will use Metric.
4. Small toolbox 9"x10"x19" or larger should be fine for a starter.
5. A basic set of combination wrenches.
6. A basic set of screwdrivers.
7. A basic set of 3/8" drive 12 point short sockets with a rachet.
8. A basic set of 1/4" drive short sockets with a rachet.
9. A basic set of Allen wrenches.
10. A basic set of Torx bits.
11. A basic set of pliers including side or wire cutters
12. A spark plug wrench or deep socket.
13. A 24oz. or 680-gram brass hammer.
14. A multimeter.
15. Electrical tape.
16. A 6" pocket steel ruler.
The rest you can purchase as needed.
For more information about your issue and valuable "FREE" downloads that you will need for viewing or printing please click on the blue links below. Good luck and have a wonderful day.
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