M6X08F2A Air Conditioner problems not blowing cold, not cooling off apartment I Usually run it on 68 which had been making my little studio apartment about 72-73 degrees. To days ago, I noticed that despite the weather temperature being only 78, my indoor temp was climbing to 78 degrees. So I lowered my A/C to 66 degrees and upon awakening today, it's 80 degrees in my apartment. The A/C is only blowing semi-cool air, certainly not cold like last year, nor even like last month. And it's only 71 degrees outside!!!! I live in a highrise building on the 15th floor. It's always hot up here, even though I live in OH I never use heater because everyone else below me cranks there's up. But I have allergies along with Congestive Heart Problems and really need an air conditioner. Before you suggest opening windows, let me saw that the windows on this 15th floor highrise apt. open from top to bottom and lean into apartment and I only have two windows side by side. So if there is a breeze, it just bounces off of the window pane and back outside. (Hard to explain) but opening windows is useless - I did, but now I'm letting in a bunch of pollen. I've cleaned the filter, which is plastic, also by rinsing it off really good. Sometimes this A/C spits out water at me to. So why not cold and why does it "spit cold water" 4 ft out from it when it does run cold. It's been 2 days, I'm on disability and I can't afford to run out and buy an A/C right now. HELP...

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03 Mar, 2017

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There are lots of different reasons that a cooling unit will not cool very well. It will get warmer in your 15th floor due to heat rising as you know by now. Thomas could be right about it operating in heat during cooling mode, if your ac has that option. No idea what your numbers are that you posted. Is this a wall unit, water chilled system, window unit, ductless split, central unit? Most standard cooling unit have cooling loss due to dirty air filters or dirty coils. And loss of freon.
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