Oki microline 320 form feed Oki Microline dot matrix was printing fine, then had power outage. Now it's doing a form feed after each error (it prints the errors generated when data is sent to the hospital information system) It used to print continuously. Now it does a form feed after each error, wasting a lot of paper. I don't see any settings for the printer that have to do with form feed and the data being sent has not changed

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26 Jul, 2017

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Am afraid the Power Surge (when the power came back on) has damaged the unit and there is no "Reset" to these printers. You would need to replace the control board but as its a power surge there is a reasonable chance that the power supply will have been damaged/weakened and this will lead to a shortened life span of the printer. I would throw it away and replace with new. sorry, ( I am not a salesman either)
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