Engine problem i have hh cbz and few days back i had this problem that the bike wont start, so i took to the local mechanic.. he said that the compression was not coming and that piston ring is damaged and the valve. that time i didnt have money to repair all but however he said he'll do only the valve problem and that i could ride the bike for atleast 6 months. He mentioned some stuffs about rebore also, but i heard like unless there is a mileage drop + less power there is no need for rebore. so my problem now is, my bike is not free and if accelerates too much while riding some sound in the engine comes like the sound it gives when the chain sprocket is spoiled, but not when i'm riding at around 30-35kmph. the bike also gives some kind of spark and some burning smell comes when i first start in the morning. do u know what maybe the problem and what do i have to do?

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Hi Kevin, If you are not comfortable with what your mechanic is telling you, get a second opinion from another mechanic. Good luck and have a wonderful day.
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