Help with xr250l that won't start well. Hi, I've got a 1993 honda XR250L that I've had for 7 years or so. The guy who sold it to me said it starts cold - I bought it because it was in such good condition. Once warmed up it runs fine - even in very cold temps. The problem is start up. I have to keep the choke pulled up and kick it 5-8 time for it to start. Then I have to hold the choke up (closed?) for several minutes while reving it until it will come back down to a normal idle. Now even that doesn't work - I have to turn the idle adjuster on the carb way in (clockwise) and hold out the choke for it to start and still same problem with warming it up. My brother and I have taken the carb apart twice, cleaned everything and put a gas filter on the tube leading from the tank to avoid any stuff getting in the carb and clogging the jets. We also adjusted valve clearance which was way too narrow. This helped somewhat but didn't last. My other bike which I have since sold was a 1987 XL250 and that started on the second kick in any conditions and ran perfect. Trying to get this '93 to run like that. Any suggestions? Thanks, John

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22 Jul, 2017

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Hi, John and the usual suspects are:
1. Enrichner system plugged, not properly functioning or improperly operated.
2. Fuel overflow line pinched or clogged.
3. Restricted fuel supply.
4. Gas cap and or fuel tank not venting properly.
5. Plugged slow jet or passages.
6. Inlet system air leak.
For more information about your issue and valuable "FREE" downloads that you will need please click on the blue links below. Good luck and have a wonderful day.
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