Haywire gauges Turn key & engine just clicks, so I jumped it & it ran for 3 min then died so I replaced alternater & it didn't fix the problem, jumped again after several tries it started but the lights were flickering so I dashed home to have the lights & gauges going haywire.Got home turned off & wouldn't start again tried jumping over & over & nothing happens sometimes the engine clicks when turning the key sometimes it doesn't, sometimes dash lights turn on when key is on sometimes not. Battery only charges to 86% , checked all grounds & they still look in great condition. Someone please help

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25 Jun, 2012

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The instrument cluster in this van is really a computer display and it has malfunctioned. This is a common complaint on this van and you must remove the cluster and have it rebuilt to cure the problems. Check the WEB for repair sources. They can also provide complete instructions on removal free of charge.
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