Shift gear light is out on 94 ls 400

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You need to pop up the wood surround up. Be careful. You have to pry up the back side (near the cup holder and slide it back. There's two pieces of plastic that the wood slides into in the front and if you don't slide it out you'll break those (I learned that the hard way). The piece will still fit fine though even if they are broken and it won't be loose. Anyway. after that is out there the plastic piece that the ect switch is in. Pop that up, there are clips again, no slides. I believe you have to remove the switch from the plastic. No big deal just pry it out easily. Remove the plastic screw and there's your light bulb. I found my replacements at radioshack. They're not exactly the same size but they work just as well. To get at the gearshift light, just reach under the left side, find the two wires going into that area, grab the plug, twist and pull out. Don't try prying the top panel off (the one with the Letters and Numbers) it will break. That bulb is a tiny wedge bulb. Just pull it straight out and do everything in reverse to put stuff back together
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