Where is the starter soenoid located on a 1991 Lexus LS400? My Lexus LS400 is not starting, only clicks when I turn the key. I replaced the alternator a year ago and I know its not the battery. I am trying the simpler things first as I have heard that the starter is a pain to get to...so, I am thinking maybe the starter solenoid or a cable? Does anyone have any ideas? I appreciate your help.

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01 Nov, 2017

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If the solenoid is clicking when you turn the key its very unlikely to be a relay fault, the relay controls the feed to the exciter wire which must be working for the solenoid to be clicking. If you haven't ruled out the battery completely do so by attaching jump leads, if that makes no difference you ideally need to check for a volt drop between engine and battery earth terminal and also main starter feed to battery positive, (the latter can be a problem with difficult to access starter motors tho.) if all wiring is ok its most likely the motor itself, if you can get to it give it a tap with something and see if it makes any difference. If it starts after a tap then its most likely the starter motor.
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