Hard Steering I took my 2005 F150 to a Ford dealer for air bag hardness recall work, and after that the steering is unusual. The steering pump is working, I can see the fluid moving, and I have looked at the steering rack and there is no leakage. When I first start the car it does feel that everything is fine, but as soon as it get in motion the steering gets harder and it does not return after turns. Any idea of what is i the problem? Is there any adjustment anywhere on the steering rack that can be done to help with this problem. Thanks for your help

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24 Jun, 2012

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It is a common issue with fords that when the wheels are turned with the vehicle off it will induce air in the power steering system. After the service the power steering system should be bled. It happens when brake service is being performed and I assume the steering wheel was turned a few time to service the air bag hardness. If this is in fact your issue it should get better as you drive it but to be sure you could bleed the system with an adaptor for the reservoir and a vacuum pump.
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