Dir-601 D-Link stopping working with my hughes net, how can I get it working again?

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06 Jan, 2017

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Is your Hughes net modem working - check by connecting directly to it using a LAN cable. New check the LAN cable from our modem to the router - try a new cable. Reboot both devices.

Login in using your browser and go to WAN settings and
the wireless settings and set-up a wireless password/key. Remember the key because each device will now need it to connect. You can also turn OFF Broadcast SSID and your network name will not be shown on anyone's device. You must remember the network name when using this method.

When all else fails, The final solution is a factory reset of your router. You can do a factory reset by logging into the router using you browser. Go to the settings and perform a factory reset

If you forgot the router password, you ill have to do a factory reset by locating a small hold on the back of the router and insert the tip of of paper clip for about 10 seconds while the power is on. The router will be reset to out of box status and then you can set-up form scratch.
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