Runs loud when the compressor kicks in? Why? I took the back off and vacuumed out the "fins" that were clogged with dust. It seems to be cooling, the exhaust tube in the back is getting warm and definitely blowing warm air through it. Cold air is coming out through the top/front. When just on fan, it's nice and quiet. A/C kicks in and its a loud rumble-ish sound (not a squeal) And not what I know window A/C unit compressors to sound like. I'm guessing it's the A/C blower? Or the compressor itself?

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29 May, 2017

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Check vibration eliminators on the feet of the compressors, over time of running in tough conditions they wear out and cause rattling. If this does not fix the problem see below

-check amp draw, if amp draw is high windings are wearing out and compressor is running harder, may need replaced
- check to make sure your refrigerant charge is correct you could be slugging the compressor
-find other ways to isolate compressor operations
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